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Day 3 Sea Day

We got up early this morning....well, at least Deb and I.  Deb is going to do the Deck Walk a Mile at 9:00am.  I went up to deck 9 and got some coffee for us.  We will let the kids sleep for a while before getting them up for breakfast.  I stopped at Topsiders to say hello to the Rice family and get some fruit.  I didn't want to eat too much because we have brunch at Palos 10:15am.

     When Deb finished her walk, we hurried over to the Ballroom Dancing Classes at Rockin Bar D.  Today we would be learning the Rumba and the Cha cha.  We came in a bit late, and I couldn't get my footing.  My tennis shoes seemed to stick and clumber on the dance floor.  We left the class after we got halfway through the Cha cha.  

     The girls were up and it was time for them to eat.  I took them up for breakfast.  Deb took a shower to get ready for brunch.  We headed up to Palos and met the rest of the gang.  We were all seated at 1 great table in the center of the dinning room.  We said our "good mornings" and got our champagne.  Our servers' name was Marco.  Very Italian with a heavy accent.  It made the whole "Italian Brunch" experience very authentic.  The female diners at our table would tell you he had striking blue eyes with dark hair.  For me, it's all about the wondrous food he would show us.

Marco explains the dessert table.

     Marco took us on the buffet tour.  We started at the King Crab Legs and Stone Crab Claws on ice!  The rest of the food was just too much to remember.  Most of the offerings were typical of a huge Italian Lunch.  You could order several different platters from the kitchen, all of them looked amazing.  This is an incredible feast.  It's hard to describe it all.

Chris, Deb and Darla's Dad make their selections.

     We had a wonderful time trying all the interesting selections offered.  I concentrated on the King Crab legs and claws.  They had all kinds of dips and condiments for them.  It's too bad you just can't stay all day until you get hungry again.  It's THAT good.

  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the sun.  The girls went to go see the Morty Magnificent show at the Walt Disney Theater.  I caught the very end of the performance.  It looked very funny and the kids really enjoyed it.  I spent an hour in the Rainforest, steaming and relaxing.  I was still the only one using the Turkish bath this afternoon.  This place is heaven.  There is nowhere like this at home!  I started off in the hottest room with the citrus scent.  This really clears the head.  Occasionally, I turn the hose on and cool myself down.  It feels great!  Then I go over to the next one (medium heat) and spend a few minutes taking in the mellow,  orchid,  aroma therapy.  Next, I hop into one of the rainforest shower environs.  My favorite is "Rainforest".  You push a button and a cool rain shower comes out of the top of the whole enclosure.  It's lightly scented with a fresh forest smell.  Very refreshing!  It's over to the heated couches for a few minutes of shut eye.....ahhhh,  listening to the fountain and ocean therapy music....I drift off.......


Time for Dinner!!!!!!

     It's formal night!  I need at least a 1/2 hour to get ready!!!  I hurry down to our stateroom.


Look how clean and relaxed I look!


     Formal nights are like dress up time for our family.  I'm not crazy about wearing layers of clothes for dinner and around the ship.  It's a lot easier for the women who wear cool, light dresses.  We are deep in the topics after all!  On the other hand it IS fun seeing everyone in their finest.  I called Darla over to take pictures of our family in full regalia.  It's so much fun having friends sailing with us.  Thanks for these great pictures!

The Captain's Gala Celebration.


     We made our way down to the crowded lobby.  Lots of people getting formal pictures taken and the lines were slow and long.  We had a few cocktails, complements of the captain.  Tonight's dinner was at Animators Palet.  After a couple formal photos, we made our way to the back of the ship.  Dinner was wonderful, although we were still pretty full from brunch.  No show in the dinning room tonight.  We will see the room change the next time we visit this dinning room. 

     After dinner, we returned to our rooms to change and visit some of the clubs.

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